Found in 1998, HCC Engineering Ltd. provides a broad range of engineering and system development services to her clients in the telecommunications and information technology industries.

Partners of the company are experienced telecommunications and electrical engineers and IT system managers. On telecommunications, they were actively engaged in the development and deployment of PMRS special coverage solutions, location tracking systems riding on cellular technology, interactive broadcasting and enhanced messaging services on 2.5G and 3G networks, and system integration work for content and VAS developers. On information technology, the company has cumulated rich experience in cross-border universal messaging services, web-based Video Conferencing & Collaboration solutions, web Radio and Podcasting platforms, as well as other e-Community enhancement tools.

Since 2005, HCC Engineering Ltd. expanded its portfolio to cover the development of intelligent building solutions and environmental friendly LED lighting products. Working in conjunction with the Regional Authorized Agents of Theben and Shanghai E L Light, HCC offers to her clients a comprehensive range of in-building engineering services and products, including radio signal distribution solutions, surveillance and security management system, intelligent timers and switches, and LED lighting solutions. Aided with these devices, estate and electrical system managers will be able to administer better security and energy conservation program, improving the efficiency of building services management, and enhancing the value of the estate over the longer term.